The little things that people miss out on when playing the popular game 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

We all have either heard of it or are simply addicted to the game of 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. Everything about this game seems to awe us and catch our attention. There are various reasons as to why we love to engage in a virtual game of billiards and make it worth our while. Today we shall discuss the certain nooks about the game that make us love it all the more and things that go unnoticed. Lets get on with it.

Practice makes a man perfect

The 8 Ball Pool is one of those games that will first help you brush your skills and then ask you to play it. They have a section called ‘Practise without guidelines’. Here, all you need to do is Disable Guideline in Offline Mode and then click on the menu and choose the Practise Offline mode from the menu. Upon doing this, you will not need to bet any coins and practice to your hearts content. After this, you can get on and play to your hearts content.

Ignore the hoarders

The reason why we are saying this is because when you are into the game and playing really well, you will be disturbed. Mark these words, for your opponent, will try to distract you by sending chats that pop up right on the game screen. It causes a lot of distraction therefore follow the steps, Go to Settings > Message > Ignore Chat Messages. Let silence prevail while you smash the game with a victory.

Control your Controls

Did you know that customizing your controls makes the game even sweeter? We would suggest you experiment with two options from the Settings menu. One is the Power Bar Location and the other being the Power Bar Orientation, for it shifts the power bar from its current position and gives a better hold of the controls. You can customize the setting as per whatever works best for you.

Time waits for none

Please note that when you are closer to potting the 8 Ball you will get lesser time to line up your shots. Therefore, many complain about how they miss out on perfect shots and blame it on less time or less the sensitivity of the cue control. Worry less, for all you need to do, is Go to Settings > Tap to Aim (activate it).this way, you can tap on the screen and position your cue without having to drag it. Then you are to adjust your aim in order to pot the ball perfectly.

Stack your coins

The 8 Ball Pool game has daily spins that one can avail to after 24 hours. From here, you can win scratch cards, surprise boxes or 8 ball pool free coins that range from 100 to 50k. it is all about

the level of the game you are currently in. for the ones with higher rankings have a chance of winning better gifts. Also, there are daily videos upon watching which one earns free coins. This way you can stack up and bet them to play the games. It works as an entry fee.

These are few basic things that go unnoticed and people fret over it. These are not 8 Ball Pool Hack, rather the game itself provide these. All you need is knowledge of it. This way you can stack up and play the games well.

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