How to raid in clash of clans

Clash of clans is a popular mobile game which is quite addictive and needs strategies to survive until the last. With every leveling up you will notice new features in this game. For mastering this game, you will need a lot of dedication and time. Here you can play the game normally during the beginning, but with upgrades, you need to apply good strategies.

Clash of clan game is all about attacking and defending your village. Here in this game, you will have to build your own village and train the troops. Resources are the only way for surviving in this game and raiding is also an important part as it allows you to get trophies, resources, etc. But at first, you have to learn about the game’s basic defensive and management strategies.

Raiding strategies

After you have built your barracks, then you can easily train the new units and send them to the army camps because the number of Army camp which you will have should be upgraded so that you can easily use them for raiding.

Training queue will depend on the barracks and not on the capacity or army camp. So you can easily train the units even if the army camp is full so it gives you two benefits.

You can spend the elixir on training the units and spend on the barracks which the attackers can’t take so you can easily store the resources there.

When you start raiding, all your troops will get destroyed, and after that, all the blocked units will start to train itself so you can easily raid without thinking about the barracks.

At first, you should raid in singleplayer mode, and it will help you to learn raid properly and effectively. As you will have fewer resources so do not target in the 3 stars in the beginning. After stealing the resources, you will get one star, and then you can start raiding for more stars.

After attacking someone or playing in the single mode, you should start the training of your troops. Select better troops and tap the places where you can your troops will start battling. The timing and strategy of deploying the army can bring a huge change in the game.

As the attacking units will first destroy the units so you should always use the giants in the beginning and then use the weak archers. Keep your army away from the radius of the tank. For having more resource use the goblins. Even if you fail to win the battle still, you should concentrate on the resources and try to take the maximum of them.

Taking revenge from the clans that have attacked and looted your resources can be a good way to earn trophies and resources. Check the history from the defense log and whenever your troop is ready, make sure to attack them first.

You can definitely attack in multiplayer mode where other clans will help you with troops and resources. You can also use the coc hack for raiding effectively.

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