How to Play Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular game where players build a base and protect it, they train their troops or clan members and then when they are ready they attack other clans! As you get gold and other magical resources, your own clan and your base keeps on getting bigger and stronger. Below are simple steps to follow for a beginner to get an idea of how to play Clash of Clans.

1. Get started with your base

To start off you need to make a defensive base to protect your treasures which you generated from the coc hack android. You should focus of putting your town hall in the center of the base that you have, so that it becomes hard to take your trophies from you – that comes with taking over the town hall.

2. Make walls

The whole idea of this game is based on having good defenses. Nothing is better than having walls and mortar as your defense, when you have these there are fewer chances that somebody will come and steal your elixir and your gold.

3. Put walls around the important buildings

Starting off you have limited resources, so initially only put the walls around the buildings that are the most important ones. It is obviously great if you can put walls around your important treasures like the elixir and the gold; but, do not try to put the walls around everything as it is better to have double and thick walls, then to have one straight huge line of walls!

4. Spend your treasures wisely

Be very careful when spending your gems as they come in short supply, in fact it is best to save them for a builder hut.

5. Do you want to use real money?

You have the option of buying gems with real money that helps you get ahead in Clash of Clans but it is optional. You can also get gems without spending real money by removing trees and other obstacles from the area of where your base is.

Finally, Clash of Clans goes on but you have to make sure you build a strong base to protect yourself against attackers. It is quite fun and satisfying to have the opponents attack you and fail!

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