How to raid in clash of clans

Clash of clans is a popular mobile game which is quite addictive and needs strategies to survive until the last. With every leveling up you will notice new features in this game. For mastering this game, you will need a lot of dedication and time. Here you can play the game normally during the beginning, but with upgrades, you need to apply good strategies.

Clash of clan game is all about attacking and defending your village. Here in this game, you will have to build your own village and train the troops. Resources are the only way for surviving in this game and raiding is also an important part as it allows you to get trophies, resources, etc. But at first, you have to learn about the game’s basic defensive and management strategies.

Raiding strategies

After you have built your barracks, then you can easily train the new units and send them to the army camps because the number of Army camp which you will have should be upgraded so that you can easily use them for raiding.

Training queue will depend on the barracks and not on the capacity or army camp. So you can easily train the units even if the army camp is full so it gives you two benefits.

You can spend the elixir on training the units and spend on the barracks which the attackers can’t take so you can easily store the resources there.

When you start raiding, all your troops will get destroyed, and after that, all the blocked units will start to train itself so you can easily raid without thinking about the barracks.

At first, you should raid in singleplayer mode, and it will help you to learn raid properly and effectively. As you will have fewer resources so do not target in the 3 stars in the beginning. After stealing the resources, you will get one star, and then you can start raiding for more stars.

After attacking someone or playing in the single mode, you should start the training of your troops. Select better troops and tap the places where you can your troops will start battling. The timing and strategy of deploying the army can bring a huge change in the game.

As the attacking units will first destroy the units so you should always use the giants in the beginning and then use the weak archers. Keep your army away from the radius of the tank. For having more resource use the goblins. Even if you fail to win the battle still, you should concentrate on the resources and try to take the maximum of them.

Taking revenge from the clans that have attacked and looted your resources can be a good way to earn trophies and resources. Check the history from the defense log and whenever your troop is ready, make sure to attack them first.

You can definitely attack in multiplayer mode where other clans will help you with troops and resources. You can also use the coc hack for raiding effectively.

Simple steps on the game Hay Day

Hay Day is a very popular game and addictive directive because here you have to deal with the farming and harvesting. This can look very much simpler, but there are very minute details about this game which you need to understand for playing. When you will start playing the game you will definitely know about some of the simple tricks or tips but this tips which are mentioned will help you from the beginning where you have to farm and harvest the crops for earning money and for upgrading and unleash the buildings, and with every step the game gets quite complicated and hard. So let’s just look into the tips.

Tips for the Hay Day game

In this game, you will find the newspaper, and you can easily find interesting items on sale, and within every passing minute, one can get some new batch by looking into the mailbox. So when your mailbox starts hoping you can look for more sales.

While playing you will notice some exclamation to the seller’s name in the newspaper. So many of the people have no idea about it, but it signifies that your farm needs some help like to feel the boat or for reviving the plants. You will also use the similar sign for asking help, and you will see the exact sign in the newspaper.

You can check the newspaper for the free ads in 5 minutes, and most of the time you will see some stuff list. Whatever the item it will show in the newspaper can easily bring some traffic to your farm, and the ad won’t last long, but you will be immediately dropped after the items are sold. So try to sell the most desirable stuff at a maximum price on a large quantity during this time.

You can also check for the Hay Day Cheats in various websites which will help you to get some free currencies like the coins or diamond. So that you can upgrade the buildings and for more crops but do not enter any personal details or any money when it comes to using the cheats. With upgradation, the game will become quite difficult and will take more time for the upgradation. There will be many opportunities where you can also get free hay day diamonds by using some tricks because normally in this game you will have to spend money on buying the diamonds so look for these opportunities.

Mobile Legends Hack: get unlimited keys, money, and diamonds

Of late, youngsters and youth groups are crazy for online gaming like never before. The most famous gaming companies gear up almost every single day to offer the latest entertainment to their customers in the form of video games. With the advancement in technology, gamers not only enjoy playing games like mobile legends but interact with million other users playing the same. This creates a wide gaming network. Many people get disappointed when they are not able to reach the final level of the game or are not able to jump on to the next stage due to the deficiency in points, gems, diamonds, etc. mobile legends hack is the solution to this problem.

About the game:

Moonton has made an attractive game for all the gamers who are crazy about video gaming – mobile legends: bang bang. The best thing about this mobile legends game is that it can be downloaded in every device that can be a source of gaming like android devices, IOS smart phones, computer systems, etc. Though the game is free of cost, the mobile legends hack is costly and not easily available. The need of hack arises when you lack the necessary resources in the game.

Features offered by mobile legends hack are:

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How to hack mobile legends game?

Firstly, you will have to choose the website from where you are going to hack the mobile legends game. Make sure that the site you choose is reliable and free from virus. The availability of virus can ruin the software in no time.

On the given website, click on the mobile legends hack online option.

After this, a window will open on the screen asking you to write your game username or ID. Mention the details properly and take care of the lower and uppercase items.

Next step is to select the resources such as diamonds, keys, gems, money, etc. you need in the game to reach the next level.

Click on the generate option and wait for some time.

Now you are done. Mobile legends hack is here for you.

Many gamers around the world have used mobile legends hack to reach the top levels in the game, and this generator has helped many. What are you waiting for?

SimCity BuildIt Tips to Live By

Building games can be fun. They allow you to showcase your creativity and let you construct your dream town from scratch. One such game is SimCity BuildIt.

SimCity BuildIt is a spin-off of the Sims series. Unlike the latter, it allows you to assume the role of a mayor and build your own city. Whether it be constructing skyscrapers or factories, you will have to decide where to strategically construct them to achieve the maximum advantage. Moreover, you will be responsible for solving issues like pollution and traffic congestion that prevail in your town. After all, you need to keep your citizens happy, right?

What’s the Catch?

The game sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It is interesting as well as free to download on both iOS and Android devices. However, there is a catch, and you might already know what it is.

In-app purchases.

Just like multiple other games, SimCity BuildIt lures you in with the pretext of providing you with a free game and charges you for quick progress and improvement within the game. When you have unhappy citizens, you will feel the panic mode activating and you are likely to conclude that in-app purchases are inexpensive and worth making.

However, for those of you who would rather spend their money for a worthwhile cause or purpose, don’t worry. There are various ways you can win the game without spending a single penny.

How to Play Without Spending Money

Here are some tips you should follow if you wish to be the best mayor in the gaming community without investing any of your hard-earned money in the game.

Strategically Plan Your Inventory

You might be inclined to keep excess stock of all possible items. However, most citizens have a purchasing pattern and if you are able to deduce it, you can lessen your inventory while maintaining happy customers. A cue to stockpile resources is when more than a couple of residents require the same material. Once you have sold your inventory, use the money to upgrade your city.

Use Your Public Buildings Well

Whether it be parks or fire departments, all public buildings are quite expensive to construct. However, they are also important for the well-being of your residents. Make sure you make the most out of the buildings by constructing them in proximity to residential buildings.

Be Smart from the Get Go

During the initial stages of SimCity BuildIt, you will be provided with free resources to start your building process. It is easy to feel that this cash is a lot and spend it as if it will never end, but you should resort to a simcity buildit hack for the future. Don’t do this. From the start of the game, be wise about where you spend your money. The ability to do so will yield a more upgraded city than being too generous.

Ending Remarks

If you are a smart player, you can effectively beat the freemium model of the game. Be wise, build your city and keep your citizens happy.

How to Play Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular game where players build a base and protect it, they train their troops or clan members and then when they are ready they attack other clans! As you get gold and other magical resources, your own clan and your base keeps on getting bigger and stronger. Below are simple steps to follow for a beginner to get an idea of how to play Clash of Clans.

1. Get started with your base

To start off you need to make a defensive base to protect your treasures which you generated from the coc hack android. You should focus of putting your town hall in the center of the base that you have, so that it becomes hard to take your trophies from you – that comes with taking over the town hall.

2. Make walls

The whole idea of this game is based on having good defenses. Nothing is better than having walls and mortar as your defense, when you have these there are fewer chances that somebody will come and steal your elixir and your gold.

3. Put walls around the important buildings

Starting off you have limited resources, so initially only put the walls around the buildings that are the most important ones. It is obviously great if you can put walls around your important treasures like the elixir and the gold; but, do not try to put the walls around everything as it is better to have double and thick walls, then to have one straight huge line of walls!

4. Spend your treasures wisely

Be very careful when spending your gems as they come in short supply, in fact it is best to save them for a builder hut.

5. Do you want to use real money?

You have the option of buying gems with real money that helps you get ahead in Clash of Clans but it is optional. You can also get gems without spending real money by removing trees and other obstacles from the area of where your base is.

Finally, Clash of Clans goes on but you have to make sure you build a strong base to protect yourself against attackers. It is quite fun and satisfying to have the opponents attack you and fail!