A guide to Clash Royale

Clash Royale is very popular game which is becoming an addiction too many players that they are searching for various strategies for mastering this game. When someone starts to play this game, they will soon realize how addictive this game is and with a free chest which will pop up you will be getting more motivated for playing this game. But this game is not as easy as you think because the main part of this game is the collection of gems and golds which is quite hard and there is hardly any proper way by which you can get them, so some tricks and tips will help you to level up in this game in the beginning.

How to play this game

Chest: When you will start battling in this game after completing or winning each of them you will be getting some chests randomly. When you complete your training then at first one you will unlock the wooden chest, and you can only get 4 of this chest. After some time like 4 hours you can get some more features so if you can easily stack them up then you will be benefited with two chests after 6 hours which is great. If you are lucky, then you will be getting the Crown chest. The specialty of the crown chest is that you will have to unlock Crown Tower by getting this 19 Crowns.

Gems: Gem is a very important currency or resource in this game because when you are unlocking new chests, you will have to spend some gems for getting them. The gems are also used for buying the gold and getting them as very difficult because gems are only rewarded with Crown chest or free chest.

Gold: Gold is similar to the gems. Gold is also important resource or says currency in this game, and you can use them for the up gradation of every troop because to succeed in this game you will have to keep leveling up and upgrade everything. So gold can be used for purchasing many cards.

Spells: When you will start to play this game at first you may not be getting the spells but after some week of playing you will be getting the freezing spell, and after the duration of 3 to 4 weeks you will get rage spell. This freeze spell will freeze everything so you should carefully save them for using it in the end or last minute for an instant or surprise victory whereas the rage spell will help you to increase your damage causing capability, movement, and speed. If you can drop the Giants or The Skeleton giant and give them the rage spell, then they can go to the base and easily destroyed them, and you can also use the red balloon for great results.

You will also get some gold after unlocking a new chest or by winning some Battles. For surviving on this game for a long period, you can also use the Clash Royale Cheats which you can easily get on many websites but make sure not to give any personal details.

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